May 18

Why You Should Mine IOI Token, Not Other Cryptocurrencies


Happy Bitcoin Halving Everyone!

Attention, attention. We have very good news for you folks. Mining is now available on our platform and you will be extremely surprised how easy is that. Time of using expensive hardware and software, consuming enormous volume of electricity is definitely history with us.

In the IOI world... to mine IOI token you need to be only using TRX tokens on our platform. How cool is that.

IOI Supply Adjustment vs Bitcoin Halving

​The currently hyped 3rd Bitcoin halving cuts its block subsidy from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per block. It means miners will earn less BTC post-halving. This situation is not ideal for the newcomers who came late to the party since more than 87% of BTC has been mined. In the Bitcoin world, if you join early, you could have a considerable amount of BTC with such a little effort. But now the ratio of effort to extracted bitcoins will rapidly increase.

                       IOI token mining mechanism is probably the most fair and the most rewarding among all cryptocurrencies.

And what do we mean by that? We provide equal opportunity for all our miners no matter whether you register early or later. Fairness is one of our top priorities so that no whales will hoard this sweet token since IOI token supply is limited. 

As an example: In first level each user will generate a bonus IOI token using every minimum of 1000 TRX. When cumulative 1 million IOI tokens are used on the platform, Level 2 rules of 4 million IOI tokens become applicable.

        LEVEL                         USED TRX                   IOI TOKEN VOLUME

  • 1.                               1000                              1000000
  • 2.                               1100                              4000000
  • 3.                               1200                              5000000
  • 4.                               1300                              5000000
  • 5.                               1400                              5000000

​So what do you think? Is it fair enough? Definitely!

IOI Mining Policy Encourages Usage and Growth

Be able to get IOI token from mining, you need to use our platform and play PvP Racing Game. Therefore, RACERS ARE INITIATED TO PLAY, WHICH NATURALLY HELPS TO GROW THE ECOSYSTEM AND COMMUNITY. It makes our enviroment healthy, usable with valuable tokens. In contrast to the situation where you ever stumble upon an altcoin with little or no transactions, or in other words, nobody uses the network and only miners hoarding themselves with worthless coins.

Play, earn profits, earn IOI and the network effect shall reward you even more in the future.

What would be more exciting than the network effect after the mainstream gamers cherish this incredible game? It's the utility!

Yes, you can USE IOI tokens to buy or rent higher tiers race cars to WIN more races, build passive income with our staking program and get even more benefits out of it.

Having FUN While Mining

If you ever get involved in the traditional cryptocurrency mining business, you should know that it is one of the most challenging activities. You will face unbearable noise, incredibly hot temperatures, and constant cleaning and tweaking your mining rigs since almost every day, one of your rigs will need overhaul or repair. To these burdensome work... I say "no thanks!"

With us YOU CAN MINE IOI TOKEN WHILE DOING FUN ACTIVITIES, i.e., playing race game while drinking ice cold beer, crunching peanuts, or whatever. But enough words. Let's go to the action. Register here and start enjoing tons of benefits and rewards.


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