July 27

Why is IOI-Game the Best Blockchain Game Platform?


Back with even more awesomeness as we have done so much in the last two months! Not to exaggerate, but IOI Works hard for its users and moves forward very fast. In fact, we are in [the top-10 DappRadar's top blockchain games of the week for all protocols and top-3 DappRadar's top blockchain games of the week for TRON protocol with more than 1,5k users!] (https://dappradar.com/tron/games/ioi-game). These achievements surely stapled our path to become one of the best blockchain games in 2020.

The Provably Fair Blockchain Trading Game

IOI is the first real PvP online game app to win real money and the first trading game that implements provably fair in its design. You might ask why fairness is crucial? Because even if some traditional mainstream casinos create a similar online game, users cannot verify if they have been all is in order. In IOI, you can be sure that every player is a real player, and the result is always honest without any manipulation. This is done through a direct feed to the Binance exchange. Moreover, new game mechanics allows users to utilize the full potential of their online trading skills. User skills are the most significant predictor of becoming the winner, but let me tell you, Fortune Favors, The Brave!

 If you are a skilled trader who can predict the price movement, surely you can outcompete other racers... the question is are you good enough to become the champion?

The Best Way to Start Trading Crypto

We have one mission, to be the bridge between trading and gaming. Therefore, the IOI game has been tailored to simplify crypto trading and bring fun and exciting elements from a racing game. Instead of getting occupied with charts, graphs, and risk management tools, users can predict the price movement in a fun environment with a precisely defined risk to ensure no one is wrecked by the market.

Hard to picture it, let's have a look at an example.

I will illustrate why racing with IOI is more rewarding than trading, especially if you are new to cryptocurrency trading. In IOI, you can earn more than 100x (or 10,000%) even with a mere 10 TRX balance to get 1,000 TRX. That's a 990 TRX profit! The question is, how much TRX you need to get 990 TRX of earnings in trading?

Well, let's say TRX price increases 5% in a day, you will need 19,800 TRX sitting in your trading platform for a whole day. If your prediction goes south, at worst, you will lose only 10 TRX in IOI, compared to a substantial amount of TRX if you decide to trade. Well, I don't know about you, but I would prefer only to put down 10 TRX for fun and see if I can win 10,000 that's some return on investment, right?!

 Predefined trading setup gives you an edge. With IOI, you will always know your odds of getting into a trade/race. It's pure magic!

Never-ending Crypto Airdrop & Other Benefits

We have given tons of benefits and rewards for users, e.g., never-ending airdrops (free race), referral program, free cars, staking rewards, mining, and many more! Basically, users can play the infamous IOI racing game, have fun and bet, plus invest in the IOI token and collectibles. If you own an IOI token, many benefits are waiting for you to grab, so better hurry up and hold some before you miss the train.

The Safest Crypto Wallet For Gamers

Yes, we also create a simplified and intuitive form of cryptocurrency wallet. Here, you can manage all of your assets, buy tokens, earn rewards in one place. Tracking the value of your digital assets will never be more comfortable with this Ultimate Nitro Wallet! Furthermore, Nitro Wallet is also fortified with encryptions, Google's 2-step verification, and private key to back-up your account safely and securely.

While you are waiting on the sidelines, thousands of new users earn money playing games with IOI! I bet you will be shocked by how good the IOI game is. Oh, before I drop the microphone, I should tell you that we are not done yet! We will still develop this platform to perfection, to show the world the real power of blockchain apps that we are proud of. Keep your eyes on [this blog](http://blog.ioi-game.com/) to get the latest information about our beloved racing platform.


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Go ahead and try IOI and win 10 TRX every 10 minutes!

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