August 18

This is Brand New IOI! Come and Play


Great news guys! Finally, after days and nights of hard work, the IOI team has released the latest (08/11/2020) update. This update brings massive improvement for the IOI platform in terms of design, functionality, and adding more impressive features to enhance users' experience.

New and More Realistic Graphics

We have reworked and polished all graphical interfaces, icons, and wallpapers to make it cool and appealing to you. No more lousy graphics like in the old blockchain game platforms! IOI is not a cheap looking platform, but the platform that you can be proud of. We create every image with 100% awesomeness that will take your breath away.

New Circuit Themes

Since the real Grand Prix uses various locations, you can now see the theme changes in each race, from a desert, city, to a forest theme. There are ten available themes for now. Moreover, accompanied by the new engine revving SFX, this combination will raise your racing experience to the next level.

More Intuitive UI/UX

With this new improvement, users will no longer feel lost when they try the game for the first time since there are many helpful and concise instructions. Two main features will help new racers, these are:

  • Tooltips and notifications: At the bottom right of the screen, the user will find information about what to do on a particular screen and notification when the next race will start.
  • Hints and tips window: this popup will appear when the user waits for the race to start. It gives meaningful information on the strategy or the functionality of the platform.
  • Watch tutorials (coming soon).

Furthermore, we have redesigned our icon, button, and text placement to be more intuitive so users can race immediately without any substantial effort. Unlike traditional racing games when users can get quickly overwhelmed with so many things to learn, IOI offers little or no learning curve. It makes everyone, even someone who never plays games in his entire life, can start racing in seconds.

New Garage Design

In this update, we add several key features to allow users to buy, collect, and modify their race cars. Users will see new sections, as follows:

  • Limited Cars: there are bronze, silver, and gold edition cars with unique design and rarity. Just like skins in CS: GO, these luxury cars will be so valuable. You better collect it now!
  • Pimp My Ride: ever heard a television show where you can build your dream car? Yes, we allow users to customize the colour add parts and feel to suit their personality.
  • Try Your Luck: users can now buy random cars and find out what is hiding under the cover. Well, if you are lucky, you might get the rarest one.

Unlike any other traditional game where you do not own the car, the IOI platform uses blockchain and token to give you the ability to have the race car associated with your account. In other words, you own your vehicle, so you have the freedom to trade it or sell it. Imagine how much those rare cars will worth in the future.

Leaderboard Update

Yes for those of you who are competitive and want to see the statistics, we added these functionalities:

  • All Active Racers: you can see the stats for all players, each point, ROI, and prize.
  • Team Leaderboard: you can see who is the best performing racer and who has the most contribution in a team.
  • Team Chats: obviously, racers need excellent communication to coordinates strategy and stuff.

If you like the update, the layout, the graphics, the gameplay, everything, you might be shocked when we deliver the next big update since we are not done yet. IOI strives to be the best blockchain game platform, and we are serious about it. We will bring more features and more breathtaking innovation that will make our users happy. If you have not registered on the IOI platform, you can register now, play, and collect precious tokens and beautiful cars that will always be more valuable over time.


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