March 15

IOI game platform updates


Dear Community,

We are again very delighted to publish another blog. As you know, we have successfully launched the Trade Race Manager NFT game in the beta version together with a unique NFT and IOI wallet.

Since we appreciate our community and there is still an IOI game running, you need to be aware of some significant changes. We will regularly communicate such updates via blog posts to keep you informed.

We hope you have tried the game and enjoy the Trade Race Manager NFT game launch together with the latest NFTs and IOI token wallet release.

Significant changes related to the IOI game:

The last IOI game Wednesday Party Race will be on the 17th of March

Daily tasks will be available only on Trade Race Manager as of today

The Wednesday Race on Trade Race Manager will start on 24th of March

All players have 30 days from this announcement publishing to transfer/claim the IOI tokens remaining balance from the IOI game to Trade Race Manager

TRX tokens from the IOI game can be swapped to IOI tokens at the conversion rate. (1 IOI= 0,4$)

Moreover, there is much more coming soon since the team is working hard to bring you spectacular game excitement.

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.


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