June 19

The Only Skill Trading Game


The major update brings together amazing design features, better gameplay and improvements in performance. IOI is the only skills game in the world.     It is a bridge between online gaming and trading and it is getting better and better.

Game of Skills

IOI calls itself the fairest game in the market. This little but important detail is of paramount importance to us. We want to stay in this line and bring to all our racers more opportunities to win. For that reason, we have decided to all boost options go and make the game even greater.

We believe that the decision to go SKILL ONLY will connect our community more in the way that a novice racer will learn from more experienced and they will be happy to share their skills to create a more competitive and fun environment. IOI platform will provide a pure skill game experience. As many of you already know our data feeds are from Binance Exchange and everyone has an equal chance to look at it to predict the price of your „Crypto fuel.“      So learn from others, educate yourself in the world of trading, gain and show your skills. You can beat anyone no matter what car they drive.

As we want to bridge the game and trading, even more, we are going to release cool new features like crypto-fuel hints shortly, stay tuned, but for now, let's have a look at the other updates.


And this is probably what you were thinking about...

„What am I going to do with my cars? Does it mean they are now useless?"  No, we prepared something more exciting for you. The cars will have a collectable value that will increase with the platform's turnover, which we call ACTIVE STAKING. Imagine for example in your real life having owned the racing legend Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962. The Value of the car is much higher than Ferrari nowadays.

This is the reason why you should carry on in collecting cars. Keep them, race with them and watch how the value goes up. Good news is you don't have to only buy them but also get them by playing games. Thanks to turnover in paid races you will be able to own new cars. For example to get Tier 1 you need to spend on bets 100 TRX.

See how you can get them all:

            Cars              Platform turnover

  • Tier 1-           100 TRX
  • Tier 2-           400 TRX
  • Tier 3-           1000 TRX
  • Tier 4-           6000 TRX
  • Tier 5-           30 000 TRX
  • Tier 6-           60 000 TRX
  • Tier 7 -           150 000 TRX Special car
  • Tier 8-            300 000 TRX Special car

Once you own all cars, you will have access to, even more, limited cars. Even a special monthly car is coming your way that you will be able to buy or win by playing races. Another cool thing will be PIMP MY RIDE in the brand new GARAGE! But for that, I will keep my mouth shut for now...but BIG things are coming...


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