March 8

The IOI token ecosystem plans


Dear community,

There has been a lot going on behind the scene in recent days and after a very successful private sale, we are in the final phase of the public sale preparation. More major news related to the sale launchpad cooperation is coming soon as we want to be sure that everything is clear and simple.

This the right time to inform you about the IOI token ecosystem plans, since the public sale is very close.

We have long-term plans with the IOI token as the ecosystem’s backbone, with many utilities upcoming. The first one is the IOI token as a ticket into the gaming sub ecosystem with the following features.

IOI games

  • TradeRaceManager (TRM) built on Polygon network powered by IOI token
  • IOI game as a TRM forerunner was built on Tron blockchain with IOI token
  • TradeRaceManager version 2.0 released at the end of 2021
  • NFT city in 2022

The IOI token is the only one that will open you many gaming opportunities featured with our NFT family. In cooperation with our blockchain partners, fulfilling high demands becomes our standard. Powered by collectible NFTs, you can enjoy the gamified trading experience like nowhere else.

Since the NFT market is booming and big influencers and institutions are interested in the market, we have big plans in this space. We will launch the IOI marketplace, which will be focused on all kinds of NFTs secondary market sales and primary for our ecosystem NFTs.

IOI marketplace

  • Huge influencers' campaigns
    ● A charity from sales
    ● Exciting sales challenges
    ● Collaboration with the top digital artists and designers

Many surprises will be published very soon covering special well-known influencers campaigns, sales challenges, and various collaborations. The vision is to build a mainstream nonfungible tokens marketplace with easy-to-use features and low competitive fees. Moreover, we are giving back to those who need it and there will be a charity share implemented from every sale. 

Token without a secure place for storage would not make any sense. The goal is to offer you safe storage without losing any of the token utilities in the in-house developed custody wallet for both tokens and NFTs.

Watch all the cool things we have been working on, on our Youtube channel.

IOI wallet details

  • NFT custody wallet without fees
  • Private keys generation at the end of 2021
  • A central hub for all IOI games
  • Trading pool with 36% annual reward

Following the ecosystem plan, this is the IOI token summary:

  • Value protection with quarterly burning processes. The more you play more we burn
  • The NFT staking program up to 24% p.a.
  • Monthly reward pool profits for holders
  • Governance processes

Please be aware this is the ambitious plan to create the ecosystem bringing the community’s best features. Since the crypto is changing very fast, this may change to keep on track fast as well.

For anyone interested in the IOI game, follow IOI corporate web, directly Trade Race Manager web or social media.


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