September 22

Play Amazing Games and Win


Are you tuned to play in a big style? There is nothing in your way from choosing as many amazing games as you wish to play. As always we have listened to our gamers and moved forward straight up to your wishes. That's why the game is not anymore only about TRX as a winning price. You can also win BTC and IOI. From day one every week has been just one big giveaway, and many gamers have been enjoying their prizes since. Let me tell you something more.

TRON games

Free Game

Before you get serious in more challenging games, you can use the chance to get familiar with the gameplay in this free game along winning TRX tokens as well. Players can earn as much as 10 TRX every 10 minutes. It's the never-ending airdrop. So get used to that you can keep winning free money forever. The game starts every two minutes and lasts 30 seconds. That said, this is the best opportunity to earn some TRX while learning the game. When you are ready to grab big prizes, you can move onto betting games. Those will give you a chance to win up to 100x more of your bet and also guaranteed prize pools.

Betting Games

In these games, you will have the opportunity to multiply your money and become the top gamer to earn big rewards. Moreover, if you have joined a team, you can make more money from team turnover and enjoy other great benefits. There are five initial betting games of 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 TRX for a single game. Get ready your car, and prepare yourself for endless fun.

Other than the single game, players can also participate in the tournament. By waiting at the starting line, your palms are sweating from squeezing the wheel. And you already feel that you are going to make it through the first ten rounds to collect as many points as possible. You have done it!! Now it's time for nine-rounds of "Mad Max" chasing. Your heart is beating like crazy because you are about to destroy your opponents and make it through every elimination round to become the undefeated champion. LET'S PLAY BIG!

(Free) IOI Games

These games are also free but designed for IOI token holders. Holding from only 100 IOI tokens will give you the possibility to unlock the games with exciting and guaranteed prize pools.

Talking about IOI holders game, this is something you are going to love. Guaranteed 10,000 TRX prize pool and five extraordinary cars are waiting every Wednesday for first five winners. This is one of the most attractive games for IOI token holders.

Free Tournament

It's a tournament where you can win either BITCOIN as well as TRON. Do you hold at least 100 IOI? You are welcome to join and play for TRX and BTC every day. Show your determination, make it through the first ten rounds of point collection. Eliminate your opponents in the next nine rounds, and become the champion of the champions. The minimum amount of players is 10. Go and join this madness on the wheels.

Golden Ticket - Golden Race

These two races are like bread and butter. Play "Golden Ticket" to win the "Golden Race" ticket. Enter the Golden Race and win big. Even if you don't win the ticket you can still bet against the others, and win a guaranteed prize pool of minimum 2,000 TRX or more. It can go even up to 100,000 TRX! That is insane!

Bonus Race

This once-a-month race is the most lucrative race for IOI holders. The bonus race's prize pool is based on the 10% TRX value of IOI tokens sold in one month. You can win hundreds of thousands TRX every month just because you hold 100 IOI! Isn't that awesome?!

IOI games

After the last update, we have added these new games for you to play directly for IOI tokens. Enjoy 1/3/5 token games and win up to 100x more of your bet. You only don't win if you don't play.

Is it still not enough for you? Don't worry. Double it or triple it with your cars. You can choose actually as many cars and races at the same time as you like. Make sure you have enough funds in your account, create a strategy and start winning one race after another.

In the end, we can make a straightforward conclusion that holding IOI tokens is a very effective way how to start winning fantastic prizes. Aside from unlocking all those games, you can stake the tokens and let it grow with IOI Staking investor program (6%-24% p.a.). It's is the way how you win twice. The game will engulf you with much fun, thrill and amazing graphics you have never experienced before in any other blockchain game.


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