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How do you use IOI to replace your income online?


Ever tried to replace your day to day job with the freedom of and online income? Yes, me too and there are plenty of ways how you can earn a little by playing online games, being an affiliate. None of them provide you with such an incredible, simple to use platform to help you do that.
It is the only platform to bridge industries from game to trading which means that you have more ways to quickly build an online income.

You go and play straight away or have a look and read abou the amazing things you can do


With Nitro Wallet unlocked, gamers can now use it to buy and stake IOI tokens. Staking open up a new opportunity for gamers to reap profits from the IOI platform, whether you are a passive or an active player, you can get benefits from staking the IOI token.

There are four tiers of staking classes:

  • 100 IOI: 6% per annum, T1 IOI racer package, and 100 Lambo lottery tickets; 
  • 1,000 IOI: 12% per annum, ITEM AIRDROP, bonus 1 race ticket, T2 IOI racer package, 500 Lambo lottery tickets and T2 car unlocked
  • 5,000 IOI: 18% per annum, ITEM AIRDROP, bonus 2 race tickets, T3 IOI racer package, 1000 Lambo lottery tickets and T3 car unlocked,
  • 10,000 IOI: 24% per annum, ITEM AIRDROP, bonus 3 race tickets, TURNOVER AIRDROP, T4 IOI racer package, 10,000 Lambo lottery tickets and  T4 car unlocked


Prize pool for the bonus race is based on the 10% TRX value of IOI tokens sold in one month. Hence, if you stake 10,000 IOI, not only you will get 24% yield, you will get three tickets to earn from bonus race.


​Staking from 10,000 IOI you will unlock the T4 car. ​And ​how about if you are not an active player and still want to profit from this fantastic racing game? Don't worry because you can get passive benefits up to 24% IOI token annually, 10% monthly turnover from all sold or rented cars (called ITEM AIRDROP), and 1% monthly all TURNOVER AIRDROP.



FOR EVERY 1,000 TRX WAGERED ON THE PLATFORM, YOU WILL GET 1 FREE IOI TOKEN AIRDROP worth of 100 TRX. This means even if you lose the race, 10% of your wagered TRX will be returned to you in the form of IOI token at the face value. However, we strongly believe the IOI token will worth way more than 100 TRX. Since there is only limited IOI token in existence, the difficulty will increase as follows:

  • 1,000,000 TRX wagered, 1,000 TRX mines 1 IOI; 
  • 4,000,000 TRX wagered, 1,100 TRX mines 1 IOI; 
  • 5,000,000 TRX wagered, 1,200 TRX mines 1 IOI; 
  • 5,000,000 TRX wagered, 1,300 TRX mines 1 IOI; 
  • ... until ...
  • 5,000,000 TRX wagered, 2,000 TRX mines 1 IOI.


This affiliate program must be the most anticipated feature for those of you who are an influencer or a bounty hunter. Yes, you can get a tremendous amount of money with this program simply because your friend will surely be interested in this new racing game. IF A MERE DICE GAME COULD GET LOTS OF REFERRALS, THIS GAME WILL BE TENS OR HUNDREDS OF TIMES EASIER.

So, you can get:

  • Up to 1.5% monthly affiliate partner betting turnover; 
  • Up to 100 IOI tokens plus 4% from prize pool if your referral partners win; 
  • 10% commission from direct token package sales;

Hence, even though you might be terrible at predicting coins movement, you can earn from your friends who are better at racing. Imagine how much you can earn from 100 active referrals or even better 1,000 active referrals! 

Go fast, REGISTER HERE before anyone else.


After you refer your friends to play in the IOI racing game, what a waste if you don't create a team and race with them. This mechanism is similar to the alliance if you play multiplayer strategy games. Unlike a team or alliance mechanism in traditional games, you can earn real prizes if your team is performing well. So say good-bye for "charity work!" If you build a strong team in the IOI Racing Game, help your members understand the mechanics, and assist them with market insight, undoubtedly YOU AND YOUR TEAM WILL EARN A LOT.

Your team will get:

Winning team gets 50% of the portion allocated monthly for teams (team allocation is 5% of the turnover), the 50% will be distributed to the top-10 racers within a team;

The best racers from top-3 teams will receive 5% of the turnover price pool;

You know, this opportunity won't last forever. Racers will learn and get stronger every day, so you better act fast and REGISTER HERE before you missed the train.


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