August 31

Guaranteed Prize Pool 10,000 TRX Tokens Every Wednesday. Let’s Party!


To build a strong gaming community, as a family, we understand that we should do group activities once in a while. To have fun together, celebrate your success, make your life more colourful, and win phenomenal rewards! Therefore, we bring you this special race to celebrate with you every week a special occasion. The marvellous "WEDNESDAY PARTY RACE." We are a little bit mad that we give away 10,000 TRX and 5 racing cars an every week. But we do it for you to have fun and enjoy racing!

Win TRX and Limited Edition Race Cars

A party is not legit if there is no "free food available." Hence we give you a huge guaranteed prize pool and extraordinary race cars to win. These cars are special edition collectable cars that worth hundreds of thousand TRX, and we are giving it for free to five racers. Plus, you can win guaranteed 10,000 TRX on top of that.

Okay, so why these special edition cars are a big deal? Nowadays, digital goods are more valuable than ever. For example Crypto Kitty worth 100,000$. It's crazy, but it's a fact. Moreover, the Blockchain Hero's cards packs have already sold out! And you cannot even play with those collectables! Imagine how much our special edition cars will worth?

It is a uniquely designed race car, cool, extremely rare, and you can use it in the game and let other racers see you as an owner of something special. Besides, as a collectable, it has an epic rarity that would increase in value. So you can sell it with the profit in the future.

The cars' value grows depending on platform monthly turnover. The increase of value is guaranteed to make this a perfect investment opportunity.

How to Join the Party

Like any other prestigious party, you will need an invitation or a ticket to get inside. To get the access is easy. You only need to be an IOI token holder. The number of cars you can enter the race with depends on how many IOI tokens you have before the race starts:

  • 100 - 999 gets 1 ticket
  • 1,000 - 4,999 gets 2 tickets
  • 5,000 - 9,999 gets 3 tickets
  • 10,000+ gets 4 tickets

You must hold at least 100 IOI tokens to enter this cool themed race party every Wednesday for free! The first five racers always win the special edition race car that worth hundreds of thousands TRX and also get the share of guaranteed 10,000 TRX prize pools.

A New Epic Race Car on Every Party

We will introduce a new type of epic rarity race car periodically, on each Wednesday party, so everyone can get a fair chance to get it. The first five winners will receive the car. But you can also buy the car later on if you had no chance to win it.

So let's win some TRX tokens and increase the value of your garage by adding up some special cars in it.


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