January 26

Let’s get ready for Token Swap


Dear community, 

I hope you had the chance to read our last few blogs, the new token listing, and the latest 3D game development called Trace Race Manager.

We want to give you a summary of what is going to happen next. And what you should do with your IOI tokens currently on the Tron blockchain.

We are aware that community is the key when building and launching any project in the fast-growing crypto field, and we want to be transparent and upfront.

So what is going to happen?

  • IOI Game will support Tron cryptocurrency TRX only 
  • Trade Race Manager will run on ETH L2 blockchain, with the partnership to be announced soon
  • IOI token will be the only utility token in Trade Race Manager
  • There will be two reward pools - Tron reward pool in the IOI-Game and IOI reward pool in the TRM (Trade Race Manager) 
  • You need to hold a minimum of 1,000 IOI tokens to get a share of the particular reward pool

Note that you can hold 1,000 IOI tokens either in the IOI-game / TRM game or in the Nitro wallet (IOI wallet), and we will track your overall balances to be eligible for the rewards.

If you have IOI tokens on an external wallet, you need to make a deposit back to the IOI game platform or Nitro wallet by the 20th of February at the latest.

It is only applicable to the current token holders. Since we will switch to the ETH L2 solution, the token swap has to be done.

The token swap is 1:1, so you will get the same amount of new tokens.

If you keep your tokens on the platform or the Nitro wallet, no action is required.

The IOI corporation team is working hard to bring you a better gaming experience.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news about updates and partnerships to be announced very soon.


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