October 7

IOI September News


Hello, dear gamers. We are going to keep you informed every month about what has been going on with IOI gaming platform. Always the first Wednesday every month you can look forward to hearing exciting news. We work hard to make the best possible experience for you. Therefore you can find all updates, improvements, promotions, new integrated features and the best racers of the month announced at the one place.

Even though IOI is still a very young platform, our community has been growing fast. We are happy that our users have been enjoying the IOI platform. And even happier for your positive feedback. It's a joy to see happy players who play, win, earn, and subsequently spread positive words about us to create a large community. There would not be IOI-game without our community. Play, win and earn tons of benefits like our best racers below. If they can do it, so are you!

Play and Get Your Bonuses

Up to the end of the last month, we paid a lot of bonuses for playing games.

  • 287,719.96 TRX
  • 5120.89 IOI

Considering we are still growing with a novel concept you have never seen before this is an achievement. Imagine how much bonuses we will pay for our users after IOI becomes a more prominent and mature platform. Join IOI now, and you will immediately get access to all the rewards.

Become The Best

Are you curious who are the best players of the month? Let's have a look at the top five racers.

  • Leviackerman
  • IOI_Star
  • Tesla369
  • NoobMaster69
  • Matt

Congratulations guys. You have earned a nice amount of money from the prize pools. Keep doing the good work, and you might achieve financial freedom from just playing the game. Isn't that amazing? You are the inspiration that nothing is impossible. What do you think? Should they create their racing team to guide newbies and share their "recipe" hot to keep winning? We think they should.

Another category are the best team racers, called Moonriders.

  • Team Bitcoin - Rambam
  • Team IOI - Pedrosa
  • Team Tron - Leviackerman

Congratulations on such an impressive performance. You guys are entitled to walk away with 30% from 50%, 30%, and 20% team bonus shares generated from 2,5% platform turnover. Enjoy your winnings!

Platform News

These positive changes to the platform also took place in September.

  • You might have noticed a new UI at the platform.
  • Fueling has been simplified and more effective.
  • Now you can use the multi-bet option to race at more races at the same time and use even more cars at the same time.
  • We have added new racing options for you. You can play the game directly by using the IOI token.
  • The platform is much faster, and gaming experience more enjoyable.

Join IOI games, win and claim prize pool rewards. There is a lot of games to choose from. Everyday opportunity to win BTC, TRX and IOI is waiting for you.
Lastly, stay tuned for more promotions and bonuses that will rock the world!


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