February 22

IOI Monthly Business Report


Dear Community,

We are again very delighted to publish another blog. This time will be much different than the ones you have read in the past.

Since we appreciate our community, we will show you some data on what is going on behind the scene and how we stand from a number’s perspective.

We will regularly communicate such a piece of news via blog posts to keep you informed and show you the platform’s growth. The IOI game has launched last autumn 2020; hence we have a working product, and it enables us to download and analyze marketing data and make crucial decisions based on them.

Let`s have a look at some significant numbers for January 2021:

  • new 1 130 players
  • total of 29 353 players
  • average deposit per player 165 TRX
  • total deposits 125 692 TRX
  • game turnover 71 243 TRX and 2016 IOI
  • active daily paid players 795
  • total games played 64 457 - 56 620 free and 7837 paid
  • the average number of games per user 45
  • cars purchased 26
  • more than 20 % of the users are premium ones

If you are interested in more data, you download the report here.

For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.


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