February 3

IOI January News


The first month in 2021 has ended in style as we continue to push for more innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. We have achieved in January an amazing partnership with Matic which was announced just yesterday. The L2 solution on Ethereum with lower fees and higher scalability is the right choice for building the brand new platform, the Trade Race Manager.

Launching TRM

The main goal for this early 2021 is launching this exciting 3D game supported with collectible NFT cars. It is a PvP game powered by IOI token and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with unlimited rewards and play2earn mechanics. The core gameplay is based around trading utilizing cars as Non-fungible tokens. Building the game as a blockchain platform on the Matic network gives us broad market options. Also, TRM uses a tremendous 3D engine that will make an unmatched gaming experience.

The core of the platform is IOI token. Users can utilize the IOI token on both the IOI-Game and the TRM to get rewards offered by these platforms. You can hold a minimum of 1,000 IOI tokens either in the IOI-game/TRM or in the Nitro wallet, and we will track your overall balances to be eligible for the rewards.

Bug bounty

Aside from TRM, we have also successfully conducted our bug bounty program and internal tests to ensure our platform security level is high. We do not underestimate the security from the very beginning, so we have carried out the platform's penetration tests since October 2020. We can consider our bounty event and testing completed as we did not find any significant issues.

Token swap

Since we will switch to the ETH L2 solution, we need to swap the IOI token.  If you have IOI tokens on an external wallet, you need to make a deposit back to the IOI game platform or Nitro wallet by the **20th of February** at the latest. The token swap is 1:1, so you will get the same amount of new tokens. If you keep your tokens on the platform or the Nitro wallet, no action is required.

Now let's have a look who succeeded the last month.

  • StevenJ
  • Aragona
  • andrewmartel221697847
  • gvi1970
  • ClayFasterThanAnybody

Congratulations! Guys, you are the best racers of January!

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." – Winston Churchill.

Paid out monthly dividends and bonuses

Dividend pool

TRX - 11,751.97

IOI - 1,128.6

Team bonus

  • 5,923.51 TRX

What's next on TRM

As there is no blockchain agnostic solution at the moment, building on both ETH L2 and TRX gives us a better opportunity to experiment and acquire users on both ETH and TRX communities. You can expect we will continue to develop both sites, and several exciting updates will be rolled out, including:

  • 3D graphics in TRM
  • NFT implementation: NFT cars, NFT team station, NFT tracks
  • Amazing premium team


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