January 20

IOI Announces Public Token Offering


  UPDATE- We really do not want to underestimate anything. We are still in the phase of finalizing processes and making decisions about more launchpads and exchanges. Also, we are still waiting for the final date confirmation from one of the launchpads. Unfortunately, as a reason for that, we will have to postpone our public token sale. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You are all welcome to join our Telegram group to stay updated with the latest info.

IOI Corporation, a blockchain startup developing gaming applications, is announcing today's imminent execution of their public token offering on the 25th of February 2021.

IOI corporation is behind the blockchain solution for gamers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts named Trade Race Manager. DeFi and NFTs power the ecosystem featured with one token economy.

Trade Race Manager is a PvP game bringing unlimited rewards and play to earn mechanics. The core gameplay is based on collecting, using, and trading the Non-fungible tokens while enjoying cryptocurrency trading.

IOI (Trade race manager) features on the DAPP radar as Nr.1 game on Tron blockchain by daily users and has won the Nr.1 Blockchain Game 2020 dappstats.io.

IOI Corporation is led by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals and prominent advisors who have come together to deliver a new breed of Defi and NFTs "gaming adventure" free from existing chains' shortcomings.

For more information about IOI game Trade Race Manager, please visit https://traderacemanager.com/

Unified Token Framework

The ecosystem has its own token IOI, its native currency with various utilities and automatic value protection. You may unlock the rare NFTs cars and earn unlimited rewards in IOI tokens.

IOI Public Token Offering Execution

We will execute IOI Public Token Offering by leveraging some of the currently existing launchpads with the details coming soon. Shortly after the offering, date to be announced, a Uniswap pool will be created, and exchanging of the IOI can commence.

The Uniswap liquidity will be locked as a sign of transparency and trust to reduce any doubts or risks of fraud.

Alongside the offering, a Liquidity Staking Rewards program will go live for participation by using the LP token of the Uniswap IOI/ETH pair, with the first incentives program running for three months.

Offering Details

  • Initial Marketcap: $ 740,000
  • Price per token: $0.4
  • Raise Hardcap: $1.2M
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 IOI
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 1,750,000 IOI tokens (1,75%)


Private sale

30 %  will be circulating and unlocked during TGE. Another 40 % will be unlocked after three months and 30 % after six months.

Public sale

No vesting.

Team and seed tokens  are  locked for 4 years unlocking by 25 % every year in December.

The IOI is a low cap token with a long-term vesting mechanism for seed investors.

For full clarity, we are doing a recap of our Token Metrics below.

The token is a multi-utility token with incorporated governance and burning features.

We will burn three times the amount of new supply quarterly.

The four-year plan is the reduction of supply by approximately 60 %.

We are eager for you to be a part of this new adventure, so please stay tuned for any additional information.

To receive all detailed information, you can contact the IOI team directly at: info@ioi-game.com.


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