February 2

IOI Announces an Exciting Partnership with Matic


Dear community,

We hope you are ready for another fantastic news regarding the major partnership. As many times published in our articles the NFTs are getting noticed and over the past months, the hype has started to show.

Digital artwork as a new trend

Crypto collectibles appear to be dominating the headlines, but the potential of NFTs can go much far beyond that. The NFTs became the primary focus for us in the new gaming development and at IOI Corporation we believe that we have to set new trends.

We are continuously searching for new reliable partners to be able to follow and offer these trends on the market. The main ones are those who provide scalable, secure solutions and instant transactions using advanced technology.

Matic Network

Fortunately, we found one, and hereby we are honored to announce a new partnership with Matic Network which fulfills all the criteria.

We think that Matic is one of the best solutions on the market that can follow the elements of security and scalability nowadays. Decentralized apps are making huge progress but the current blockchain ecosystem is not prepared to scale as per demand.

As a Layer 2 sidechain for the Ethereum network, it is a perfect match. The issues of slow block confirmations and high gas fees need to be solved before we target mass adoption.

The commumity benefits as a result of this parthership will be:

  • NFTs on Matic network with low transaction fees
  • Users can deposit and play IOI games using Matic
  • Customed car NFTs minted

Matic network brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adjusted version of Plasma with Proof of Stake based side chains. Matic will be the backbone blockchain for our new game Trade Race Manager including the efficient NFT management support.

Matic is a well-known, Binance and Coinbase backed company making new partnerships almost daily and will be a valuable partner also for us.

We hope you are excited about this news, and do not forget to stay tuned for the next ones coming soon.


On this occasion, we would like to remind, that the time of public token sale is coming. If you have been looking for a legit crypto project to invest in, you are welcome to become a part of IOI corporation.


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