November 11

How to create income as the IOI token holder.


Big rewards update is the focus of this week's blog post. It means more profit to our gamers and investors. We have listened to our users and focused on making it possible. Apart from improved rewards structures, the last update has changed absolutely everything. From remarkable re-design, to brand new adventures like Getaway from the cops. There still will be plenty of new adventures to offer in the next updates. But for now, let's get back to the point. Are you excited about this reward update? Let's have a look at it a little bit deeper.

Commission Update for IOI Token Holders

We have increased the IOI token sales commission from 10% to 50% and added a 50% (from previously zero) commission from the team membership subscription fees. It means if you own a minimum of 10,000 IOI tokens, you will be eligible to get a share of these commissions forever. The best thing is, you will still qualify for 6-24% p.a. staking rewards and a free entry for all special IOI races designed only for IOI holders.

Let's calculate how much you can get if you invest 10,000 IOI:

  • 200 IOI (~$502) monthly from staking reward;
  • 3400 TRX (~$85) monthly, assumed you win one Wednesday Race per month;
  • ~$81 from dividends, assuming a total of 50 investors hold 10,000 IOI tokens with the current pool of $4,500. The details about these dividends will be   explained in the next section;
  • Commission from token sales and team membership subscription.

See, if you invest 10,000 IOI, you will get a minimum of ~$668 per month, excluding the token sales and team membership commissions, as mentioned earlier.

Earn More from Dividends

There are two tiers of income that you can get from dividends:

  • Min 1,000 IOI will get 10% from pools/users;
  • Min 10,000 IOI will get 90% from pools/users.

Let's say there is ~$4,500 in pool, and 50 investors (including you) have 10,000 IOI. You will receive 90% * $4,500 / 50 = $81. The number matches the previous example. This assumption relies on the current platform performance. However, if the platform can grow significantly, your revenue will also grow at the same rate. The IOI token surely is a better investment considering we are working hard to improve the game day by day, and we always deliver the result. The platform is growing at a rapid rate at the very moment we publish this post.

Earn from Team Membership

Previous passive income opportunities assumed you are not actively playing the game. But how about if you actively develop your racing team and compete to be the best team and the moon rider? You will get profits from:

  • Monthly subscription fees; 50% from monthly team subscription
  • Team bonus for the first three teams; split 5% between the teams from monthly platform turnover
  • Moon rider bonus (the best team racer) extra bonus 5%

Investing in IOI tokens is a no brainer decision with all the benefits listed above. Get your IOI tokens now and earn lucrative passive income opportunities!


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