November 17

How Much Can I earn on the IOI Platform with Zero Investment?


Do you envy seeing many investors earning a lucrative amount of return on the IOI platform? Well, you should not! The fact is, you can make money on the IOI even though you don't have a lot of money or even no money at all. How? You can utilize your time and skills to earn in many ways. Like the old proverb says, "where there is a will, there is a way." Let me calculate what you can do to earn hundreds of dollars monthly.

Earn At Least $150 Monthly via Daily Tasks

The daily task is the easiest way to earn a small amount of token every day. There are two free IOI you can grab by playing a free race and making two referrals. However, the best practice is to get 100 IOI as fast as possible utilizing this daily task so you can compete in the Wednesday Race to win a prize pool of 10,000 TRX. Anyways, if you do not want to spend any money, you can still earn 2 IOI * 30 = 60 IOI ($150) a month. Just playing a free game and making two referrals.

Once you have reached 100 IOI to keep in your wallet, you can participate in the Wednesday Race Party. At the same time, you can earn another 5 IOI tokens for playing a free tournament as a part of your daily challenges.

If you have a small amount of money to spend, you can earn as much as 11 IOI a day by:

  • Playing a free race: 1 IOI
  • Making two referrals: 1 IOI
  • Tournament: 5 IOI
  • Deposit 100 TRX: 3 IOI
  • Playing a 10 TRX race: 1 IOI

This way, you will earn 11 IOI * 30 = 330 IOI ($825) and only cost you 20 TRX ($0.5) a day. This is the worst-case scenario if you manage not to win any race.

Earn up to $345 in the Wednesday Race Party

Depend on which way you do the daily task, the completely free one, or spend a little bit of money daily, you will be able to collect 100 IOI in a relatively short period and then get the one ticket to participate in the Wednesday race. There is always a guaranteed prize pool of 10,000 TRX distributed into the following proportions:

  • 1st position: 3,400 TRX
  • 2nd position: 1,955 TRX
  • 3rd position: 1,360 TRX
  • 4th position: 1,020 TRX
  • 5th position: 765 TRX

That said, if you manage to win 1st position once a month, you will get 3,400 TRX ($86) monthly. You might win more than the previous figure if you spend time researching and analyzing price movement and picking winning coins. It is undoubtedly possible to grab the 1st position prize every week, a whooping 13,600 TRX ($345) monthly. You see, IOI is a skill game, and therefore you will earn more if you have the skills.

Earn from Team Bonuses

You can also join a team to win a 5% monthly betting turnover pool. 5% team bonus is distributed to the top-10 team's racers once a month in the following proportions:

  • 1st team receives 50%
  • 2nd team receives 30%
  • 3rd team receives 20%

Since there are only three teams at the moment, it means that no matter which team you joined, you will end up always in the winning team. It is only a matter of effort to get into the top-10 racers in a team you choose. Let's say the team bonus pool is going to be 10,000 TRX. If you are the top racer on the winning team, you will receive 10,000 TRX * 50% * 30% = 1,500 TRX ($38).

In conclusion, let's sum the above earnings:

  • $150 up to $825 from daily tasks
  • $86 up to $345 from Wednesday races
  • $38 from team bonus

Hence, your earning potential is somewhat between $274 and $1,208 if you decide to join IOI now and seriously learn how to become a winner. So what do you say? It's worth to play an online game for such money. Register now!

(Calculated at a conversion rate during the day of writing the article. 14.11.2020)


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