October 14

Grow your ambitions and build your racing team


Great news! Future development is going to bring up an excellent feature. For those with big ambitions, we have been preparing something cool. One of our next updates will come with one of the most exciting gameplay elements. You will be able to become the owner of a racing team, with the racers you choose or the races they would join you. You can get the ability to create your brand, become famous and get regular dividends.

The Perfect "Career Mode"

While you can create your racer profile from the beginning and build your career as a racer, it is still not complete without joining the racing team. Historically, the best racers of all time like Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, etc. were part of the team to get the best support to keep winning against competitors. However, the option to build the team from literally unknown is also your choice to make. Imagine if the team you create becomes the best team in IOI, you will get prestige and lucrative benefits. IOI strive to give top performers the best rewards!

It will cost 1,000 IOI to create a team. However, the team owner will get a 50 % share from the monthly team subscription fee. Let's say, at the current rate, the team membership fee is 500 TRX, the 250 TRX will go to the creator.

Team Bonus Opportunities

Aside from the team owner benefit, being the top racer, you can also earn a share from team bonus. It's a 5% monthly betting turnover. 5% team bonus is paid out once a month in the following proportions:

  • 1st team receives 50%
  • 2nd team receives 30%
  • 3rd team receives 20%

Thus, the top-10 racers in each team will receive a bonus according to the following rule:

  • 1st racer receives 30%
  • 2nd racer receives 20%
  • 3rd racer receives 10%
  • 4th racer receives 8%
  • 5th racer receives 7%
  • 6th racer receives 6%
  • 7th racer receives 5%
  • 8th racer receives 4%
  • 9th racer receives 3%
  • 10th racer receives 2%

If your team manages to place among the three best performing teams of the month, the top ten racers will be entitled to share team bonus. This bonus grows as the platform turnover grows. Especially after the platform keeps growing and continues to be the top dApps, as mentioned in the Dappradar.com. Moreover, at the same time, the fastest racer of the month (Moon Rider), who had the best score (ROI%) during the calendar month, gets a 5% bonus (Providing the racer will attend a minimum of 10 races per month).

Create Strategies to Maximize Your Earning Potentials

There are many earning opportunities for you to take whether you are a good racer, good racing manager, or both. With this "create a team" option unlocked, you can be a successful racing manager who earns stable income. Attract racers to join your team and help each other to create the best possible strategies. As your team grows, your revenue will also increase.

Once this feature is available, you are free to grow your ambitions and make your life better.

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