August 11

How to Earn Tokens that Have Value


Howdy racers! This time I will explain why IOI token is valuable and how you are able to get it for FREE! If you are new in the blockchain community, you might not yet understand why blockchain games have tokens, why it is essential, why some have high value, and what you can do with them.

What is a Crypto Token?

A global decentralized application platform like Tron (TRX) enables an exclusive virtual currency brand to be used for various purposes in a specific environment like the IOI racing game. This virtual currency is tradable and fungible like real-world currency, hence called "token." So, the question is, what is the purpose of tokens in cryptoworld? The main thing is that tokens are used for making or receiving payments. Specific in the IOI racing game, IOI serves the following functions:

  • To purchase race cars and accessories.
  • To get access to bonus race and tournaments.
  • To earn more tokens via staking and airdrops.
  • As a form of profitable investment.

The IOI token enables the platform to have a token economy where players can earn and trade flawlessly, thus achieve its highest potential as the number one decentralized gaming platform.

What is the best token to invest in the long term?

As a cryptocurrency user, choosing a token to be part of our investment portfolio is not easy. Therefore, we should adequately analyze the critical success factor of a particular ecosystem or blockchain environment. Here is why IOI token might be the hot token you should have in your portfolio:

  • IOI racing game is the first and unique provably fair PvP skill game. You can read why, HERE.
  • IOI token has limited supply. Remember scarcity would drive the price higher over time.
  • IOI token is a cryptocurrency token which has the best staking rewards.

IOI Staking Rewards

If you have IOI tokens, you can stake it by keeping the tokens in your Nitro Wallet. By staking, you can earn various lucrative benefits, as follows:

  • Up to 24% more tokens per annum. It means that if you have 10,000 IOI, you will receive 2,400 IOI more!
  • Up to four tickets to participate in the Free Tournament to win 1,000 TRX and 0,001 BTC once a day for free! The competition starts every 12 hours, where players can win either TRX or BTC.
  • Up to four tickets to participate in the Wednesday Party Race to get the guaranteed prize pool and special edition cars! Collect the cars and let it increase in value and win guaranteed 10,000 TRX on top of that.
  • Up to four tickets to compete in the Bonus Race. The bonus race's prize pool is based on the 10% TRX value of IOI tokens sold in one month.
  • Up to 10% item bonus and 1% turnover airdrop. 10% of the turnover of all sold or rented cars will be paid in IOI. 1% of all turnover will be paid once a month in TRX.

Mine IOI tokens for FREE

For every 1,000 TRX tokens used on the platform, you will receive one IOI token for free. This is how you mine IOI tokens. You can READ HERE more about mining IOI tokens. The best thing is, we also give you TRX to wager in the "NEVER Ending Airdrop" Program. In this program, every two minutes every day, you will have the opportunity to earn two TRX for free!
You see, the IOI platform gives you offers that you cannot refuse from various staking rewards to a never-ending airdrop. Do you want to buy the tokens for investment? Go ahead and get 10% more IOI if you purchase now! Simply register to Nitro Wallet, login, top-up with TRX tokens, and you can buy and start staking IOI tokens.


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