September 8

How to Make Money With Daily Tasks


Hi, racers! After the big success from a major update, we have activated for you a new incredible feature that is going to earn you an extra daily reward up to 25 IOI whether you win the race or not!

Now, you can earn IOI tokens by completing easy tasks every day! You can find this exciting feature in the game menu "Daily Tasks." Anyways, if you have not read why the IOI token is a must-have cryptocurrency you should do it asap.

What is Micro-Earning in Bitcoin World

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow people to earn a small amount of money by doing simple tasks. The amount might be small, however, if you do it patiently every day along with the constant price increase of the IOI token, you will be surprised, how much you can get after some time. In fact, also many people got notably rich by collecting faucet in the early days of Bitcoin.

Since IOI is a cryptocurrency, it has similar properties to Bitcoin, where you can send or receive a small amount without substantial transaction fees. Moreover, the IOI token's transaction fees will be significantly lower than Bitcoin since IOI uses Tron (TRX) blockchain. Tron is well-known for cheap and instant transactions. Hence, micro-earning in IOI is way better than current micro-earning in Bitcoin.

Do Daily Tasks and Get Rewards

IOI is the game where you can earn crypto in free races or you can also bet on your skills and earn many times more of your bet. To this, we have added the opportunity to earn an extra reward every day no matter whether you are the winner or not. Pick your daily tasks and start earning:

  • Play free race one time
  • Make two referrals
  • Play 10, 100, 500, and 1,000 TRX races
  • Deposit 100 TRX
  • Play a Golden race
  • Play a Tournament

These tasks are straight forward, especially the first two tasks where users can start earning without any investment. The best thing is, with referrals and winning free races, users can get enough TRX to accomplish more advanced tasks. Just challenge yourself to do the job as much as possible, especially in these early rounds, where the IOI token is still relatively cheap.

Furthermore, since you have missed the Bitcoin train, consider this as a second chance and an opportunity to become early adopters of this fantastic blockchain game platform. The bridge between trading and gaming. Unique game one of its kind. Collect IOI tokens as much as possible, and you will be happy when the time comes.

How Big Are The Rewards

To be honest, micro-earning is not the right term to describe IOI's daily task program because users can earn a whopping 25 IOI in a day! That is 2,500 TRX or about $60 in the time of writing this article. Okay, that is when you do all the tasks. But how about you would do only the first two tasks? Well, it is still an amazing deal! You can earn 2 IOI every day (200 TRX, ~$5) without a sweat! I guarantee no one will give you five bucks worth of token for free every day other than IOI.

So where should I start? You can find DAILY TASKS in the game menu and it's clearly visible. Enjoy the IOI- game, earn your extra tokens and multiply them in the game. Stay tuned for the next update and you will not miss the train! Get familiar with the IOI environment and register to start earning your rewards.


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