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Hold on, hold on...didn't you mean Tron movie, did you?? Because we have got something much better for you.  It's IOI Racing Game! And it utilizes TRON Blockchain with well-thought reasons. It's not a coincidence, but we value TRON as a gaming-friendly network, as well as its philosophy. In a nutshell, the name "TRON" is derived from the humanoid security program in a classic science fiction movie that changes the way we think about the future of our society, especially in the gaming ecosystem.


In line with the spirit of cryptocurrency, TRON (the movie) challenged the oppressive totalitarian regime called The Master Control Program (MCP) that tried to gain complete control of the system. But let's shorten this story. TRON successfully destroyed the evil MCP and liberated software from its control. Okay so what it has to do with the crypto community in real meaning? As the cryptocurrency user we believe in decentralization. We believe no single entity should have complete control of the network. ​You not supposed to be told to do anything without your consent, including for financial activities. And  decentralized blockchain is made for it.

If you want to play IOI Racing Game, you are free to do so and no one will be able to stop you.

We also fight for our users, that are gamers who want to play real cryptocurrency games. We understand that you guys are tired of boring „chance games,“ such as dice, roulette and slots. Therefore we strived to create a real PvP racing game where you PLAY FOR FREE, BET AND EARN MONEY FROM IOI.


The success of Tron (1982) was mainly achieved because of its shocking graphics and the use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) for the first time. Furthermore, its sequel TRON: Legacy (2010), also use mindblowing 3D animation that made the audience amazed for the entire movie duration. With that in mind, we understand that all gamers want well-designed graphics for UI and gameplay; therefore, EVERY ASPECT OF THE IOI RACING GAME IS TAILORED TO MAKE YOU THOROUGHLY AMAZED BY OUR DESIGN. Say goodbye to lame design like on the old casinos! We created this game for adults, so it's engineered that way. Forget about design for five years old kids. If you don't believe me, GIVE IT A TRY AND PLAY FOR FREE!

                     IOI Racing Game is more like an Art due to own design. All of these because we understand real gamers needs.


Just like in the Tron movie, you compete in a mini-game and try to beat all other human players. You can create a team and race with your friends in a 3-minute or a 24-hour race. IMAGINE YOURSELF IN A WORLD WHERE YOU PLAY A RACING GAME WITH YOUR FRIENDS, EARN REAL MONEY, AND SPEND IT EITHER FOR IN-GAME PERKS OR IN THE REAL WORLD. Yes, if you get rich in the IOI world, you can take your money to the real world. Isn't that awesome?

Come on REGISTER NOW and get involved in the IOI world, the world where you have fun while earning lots of money. And not to forget about the jackpot. What jackpot do we mean? Check out yourself. Don't worry, this time without evil boss because we use TRON as our primary currency.


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