July 1

Breaking News, play IOI-Game with Bitcoin!


If I wrote „King of Crypto is back" you would have known right away that I'm talking about Bitcoin. And why do I have a good reason to say that?

Because Bitcoin is still the king in the crypto industry and I can tell you at least 3 reasons why it's such a great news for everyone on the IOI platform...

IOI is a revolutionary gaming platform that combines the crypto gaming and crypto trading industry in the fairest environment. Users trade crypto by fueling cool cars and then joining a race to beat the market. It is a racer Vs. racer game so the only thing that decides the winner is your skill; no random generator or a casino. But...unlike trading, even if you don't win you still can get a portion of the prize pool 🙂

IOI is built on the TRX or Tron blockchain, up until now, it has only been possible to send TRX to play and race. But, we constantly improve and move forward to create a better gaming experience and playing environment for our users. That is why we added Bitcoin as another option to deposit and play!

​So if you have Bitcoin in your wallet, you no longer have to worry about swapping for TRX, you can immediately send Bitcoin onto the IOI platform. That is great news, don't you agree?!

Don't forget ... The same rule that applies to the TRX token also applies to Bitcoin. You can only send your funds from your private wallet and not from an exchange. Then swapping Bitcoin for TRX or IOI tokens takes only a few seconds.

A beautifully designed eye-catching Nitro wallet will take care of this in its very intuitive and easy-to-use environment. On top of that, you can store even more coins in the Nitro wallet. We will be adding more coins in the future.

Best of all, accounts are safe and sound thanks to Google Authenticator and multistep verification!

IOI platform is not just about gaming. It is a unique platform with many more possibilities to make money online playing games in an adrenaline-packed package!


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