August 5

How to Earn Money with IOI Affiliate Program


In the time of a pandemic like this, many people would think about some job that could earn them real money without lots of effort. In other words, we want to get paid now and not one or two months later. Luckily, you can start earning with IOI now! It is as simple as that. READ MORE ABOUT OUR REFERRAL PROGRAM, JOIN FOR FREE and off you go. 

What is Affiliate Program?

Affiliate (also known as referral) program is a way to promote your favourite products and services to earn commissions. In a nutshell, you are a marketer promoting something to the world. In this case it would be IOI game. The simplest way how to do it is by joining our affiliate program. Then you might ask, what is the best way to get into this kind of marketing?

The answer is simple. By referring the best blockchain games 2020. A blockchain game which you, your family, friends and others would play and like. We all have people around that are into games, trading, racing, fun or thrill. And of course, let's not forget- making money. Would you like to get some tips on how to refer to the game even more effectively? There you go...

  • Send your unique link to your friends over social media
  • Send your link over email 
  • Do YouTube video and share your link
  • Chat with your friends about the game
  • Chat in social media groups about the game
  • Share stuff on your social profile with your link
  • Write a blog about the game and share your link

      Options are endless.

What is The Best Affiliate Program for Publishers?

Good affiliate program should be easy to implement on any website, meaning that publishers can copy and paste the link quickly. The rest will do the link itself. It also should have a good marketing asset that will attract visitors to click the link. It could be your words or a nice picture or mixture of those together to give people straight picture of what is the game about.

The program is borderless and publishers can attract as many users as they want across the Globe. This feature is amazing comparing for example to an affiliate program like Amazon. It would likely let you earn peanuts because the products might not be available in some countries. Since video games are like music that has uniform language on this planet, anyone in any country will be able to join and play the game together. And this generates more profit for the affiliates. The platform is user friendly and players get quick into it even without English.

Finally, a lucrative referral program should have informative, easy to use, and intuitive dashboard to track your progress and claim the commission easily. The good news is, IOI has all of the features above. Publishers can use a direct link, use all astonishing images from our website, claim automatically, and track commissions via Nitrowallet.

 IOI Enable Everyone to Earn a Substantial Amount of Money

What is the most lucrative affiliate program? Of course, the one that offers high commission rates, excellent support, and fabulous products. If we talk about commissions, unlike other referral programs, IOI enables everyone to earn from multiple commissions, which are:

  • Up to 1.5 % of monthly affiliate partner betting turnover;
  • Up to 100 IOI tokens + 2% from prize pool if referral partners win;
  • Commissions from direct token package sales.

To illustrate how much you can earn with IOI, let's do simple math. Suppose you have 50 referrals, whom each won 5,000 TRX a month on average. That's a 250,000 TRX * 2% = 5,000 TRX (plus IOI tokens) monthly passive income! Yes, you can earn way more than that by building community and work your way to become our top partner. Imagine if you manage to invite 100 or even 1,000 talented players into the IOI world. Your life will never be the same!


  • Register on IOI website
  • Go to the affiliate page and copy the link provided. It should have the format like this:
  • Copy the link anywhere you want.


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