February 21

A Recapitulation of IOI AMA Event held by Matic


Dear community,
We are happy to bring you the first AMA summary, done in the Polygon (Matic) Telegram chat group dated 15th of February by Rastislav CEO, and David, the CMO of IOI Corporation.

Part 1: Questions from the Matic Team

1. Hello @ioigameboss (Rastislav the CEO) and @Davoslav (David the CMO). Welcome to the Polygon (Matic) community. Could you please tell us a little about yourself and the IOI Game?

I am an enthusiastic professional within the investment and financial services businesses, looking for a challenge and inspiration for my growth. Last three years, I settled in my first top management role. It has been a new era for me. I am eager for the next one in the new emerging financial services of fintech & blockchain with a unique passion for the gaming industry.

IOI Corporation has decided to build a blockchain ecosystem, named Trade Race Manager, powered by decentralized finance and NFTs, with one token economy suitable for gamers, traders, and crypto enthusiasts.

Trade Race Manager is a player vs player game that brings unlimited rewards and play2earn mechanics. The core gameplay revolves around collecting, using, and trading nonfungible tokens.

David :
I am a passionate young marketing specialist with six years of experience in brand marketing and management, an active trader, and a market analyst with over three years of experience in the markets.

2. There is a strong focus on creating a decentralized Trade Race Manager experience. What are the advantages of decentralization?

We are developing an NFT that has more utilities instead of only being a collectible or gaming items. One of the biggest challenges for any cryptocurrency project is creating tangible utility for its underlying tokens or assets.

As we’ve all seen over the years, many projects have launched without a straightforward product and offer tokens with no real use cases.

3. Can you tell us a bit more about IOI Game and its features?

Players need to own NFT cars to participate in races and predict the best-performing cryptocurrencies portfolio to start the race. There are races with different time frames and rewards. The one with the highest performance score is the winner. Even if the player does not win, he can get daily staking rewards for holding NFTs. The more cars they own, the more rewards they get.

The NFT cars, in four editions, are limited to 200,000 pieces that will have the following features:

  • Play and increase your chances to win rare cars.
  • Unlocking the rare car doubles your staking rewards and garage value.
  • Gain access to different platform features.
  • Get staking rewards.
  • Farming possibilities.
  • Sell on the marketplace.
  • Cross-chain gaming.
  • Hold the NFT as a collectible.

The NFTs will be available exclusively on the Arkane Network marketplace at pre-sale prices. Arkane has a unique feature that you can purchase the game items via Paypal; otherwise, the NFTs will be available on our platform via cryptocurrencies. The main advantage is that all NFT transactions will run on the Polygon (Matic) Network with low fees.

4. What are the significant milestones IOI Game has achieved so far, and what can we expect from you guys in the future?

After two years of development, we finalized the gaming ecosystem IOI, including Trade Race Manager, IOI wallet, IOI token. More achievements are:

  • Mobile Apps for GooglePlay - waiting for approval iOS
  • Strategic partnerships with Arkane and Polygon
  • Global users acquisition
  • More partners getting aboard
  • More customized NFT ́s
  • Internal NFT market
  • More types of NFT ́s like tracks & teams
  • More variations of games

5. Can you tell us a little bit about how your experience was building on Polygon (Matic) and what are the advantages of IOI Game working with a Layer 2 like Matic?

The ecosystem of Ethereum and Matic is much broader than Tron. It's challenging for us to engage with a more significant community and its opportunities. There are a lot of open markets for NFT́s. It was one of the main reasons we changed to Ethereum with the Layer 2 solution on Polygon. It's exciting to see how many partnerships you (Polygon) are having regularly.

6. What are the advantages of IOI Game’s platform compared to other gaming platforms?

Game monetization models are exhausted. Only blockchain technology with nonfungible tokens and DeFi features will bring new life and much higher engagement to the digital world. There is an evident change from the free-to-play model with low monetization possibilities, where anybody can benefit from playing games thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchains allow for specific skills to be monetized through currencies and digital assets with open market dynamics.

Key advantages: working product with the use of NFT ́s and other payment methods like cryptocurrencies and PayPal.

7. What will the future of the IOI Game in the decentralized revolution look like? Can you tell us about your roadmap?

Each user will be able to login into the game from anywhere in the world from their custom wallet using the private keys. We are building a robust ecosystem, and this will be the main milestone for 2021:

  • Q1 product launch, partners onboarding
  • Q2 more NFT ́s like team station, tracks
  • Q3 marketplace
  • Q4 non-custodial version for IOI wallet

8. Before we conclude, I think many would love to join the IOI Game community and stay up to date with all the news. What’s the best way to keep in touch?

The main communication channels for us are Telegram and Twitter, where you can find all the
latest information about the project.

Telegram - https://t.me/IOIGAME

Twitter- https://twitter.com/IOI_game

As for gaming, we are building our Youtube and Twitch streaming communities.

Part 2: Now, let’s explore some questions from the community.

1. Right now, Defi has become the most talked-about topic around the cryptocurrency space. How you can maximize your NFT use-case or transaction?

You can use your NFT cars in-game to play with them, have them as collectable, stake and earn through your IOI Wallet, trade/buy/sell on the open market.

2. How can we get IOI, and any reason why we should hold or buy the token?

  • IOI tokens can be purchased via private or public sale starting end of February 2021.
  • IOI as a project is becoming #1 Token economy with two working products already (IOI game, Trade Race Manager) and much more to come this and future years.
  • Integrated marketplace, strong partners, and influencers.
  • One token economy and automatic value protection, which means burning every quarter.

3. Any information on when your new game called Trade Race Manager will be released and live to the public?

The game is launching live for the public by the end of February.

4. Is it about your NFT gaming cars, the NFTs only used as collectables, or can we use them in another way?

You can use your NFT cars in-game to play with them, have them as collectable, stake and earn through your IOI Wallet, trade/buy/sell on the open market.

5. Does IOI have any goals that you want to achieve in 2021?

We would like to become the #1 NFT and Defi gaming platform of the year with their economy and one of the best games on the market.

6. Do you have any apps for Android or iOS users?

IOI Game is live on Google Play, and Trade race manager is being added for Google Play and App store.

7. I am a bit curious about IOI NFT gaming cars. Do you have some rating level for each of NFT, and do they have the same supply?

All NFTs are limited supply with various tiers from bronze to platinum, earning you different staking options and additional inside economy capabilities.

8. How much stake reward we can get by staking NFTs, and where can we stake NFTs to get a stake reward?

  • You can stake NFTs in Game Wallet.
  • The rewards are various depending on the NFT cars you own. Starting with Bronze edition with 0,02% daily reward, Silver 0,03% daily, Gold 0,05% daily, and Platinum 0,07% daily.
  • Once you unlock a rare car, your daily staking reward will double.

9. What do you think about the progress of IOI so far?

We think, that until now we came a long journey in a short time. IOI stands already behind projects like Nitro wallet, IOI-game and in a short time, we will be releasing Trade Race Manager. We achieved to get partnered with Polygon (Matic) and Arkane, and we are on our way to create other strong partnerships.

10. Any MVP Product or maybe some demo game we can try for testing the game? Or right now, still not available?

To get a basic idea of the game, you can try the IOI-game.

11. Any plans to protect the token price? This problem seems like the biggest problem for all projects.

The burning function has been implemented what means every time IOI token is created via staking, we will burn up to 3x times more from the new supply every quarter. More players play and stake NFTs more tokens are being burnt.

12. I have read that you want to connect the trading activity with a racing game. May we know how does it work?

Each race is unique. The idea is to choose the mix of virtual cryptocurrencies as car fuel. The portfolio performance is based on real-time market data from various crypto exchanges. A racer with the best performing crypto wins the race.

13. Is there a token sale going on right now? If yes, when the sale started?

Private sale will be finalized by 21th February, and the public sale starts at the end of February.

14. Do you support other cryptocurrencies, or the game only supports IOI?

The game supports only IOI right now.

We hope you enjoyed the recent updates. Stay tuned for the next news. For anyone interested in the IOI Trade Race Manager, follow the website or social media:


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