January 20

A Quick Guide on how to Make Money with IOI NFTs


Dear players,

Today you will finally find out more about how much you can benefit from collecting and playing the NFT game with us. Now, let's leave theory behind and get into the numbers.

We have explained that there are three types of NFTs. We will continuously work to bring you more exciting updates in the near future.

IOI Corporation Team strongly believes that blockchain and its features, including NFTs, can bring much more than just amusement to the whole gaming community.

Therefore today, we would like to show you real numbers, how you can enhance your profit odds and use it in your favor.

Non-fungible tokens - cars

One of the new features of the Trade Race Manager are the NFTs. All cars will be 3D NFT cars and will come in several editions and tiers in limited numbers.

The top benefit besides the possibility of winning the race is the incorporated staking function. The more NFT cars you have, the more staking reward you will get.

The staking ranges are as follows:

  • cars in value range 100 - 1000 IOI earn 6% APY
  • cars in value range 1000 - 5000 IOI earn 12% APY
  • cars in value range 5000 - 10 000 IOI earn 18% APY
  • cars in value range above 10 000 IOI earn 24% APY

Let's have a look at the numbers. Please note there are six tiers in every edition; hence you can own six cars.

Once you own a complete car edition, you will get a BONUS rare car so that you will increase your daily staking reward by 100%. You are starting at 1,2 IOI, and it goes up to 20,87 IOI reward per day. The only condition to get the rare car reward is to participate in a minimum number of races shown in the table.

Please note that we are preparing some presale prices for car NFTs as we are closer to the game launch.

We want to reward our best players.  That's why the game mechanics are - the more you play, the more you earn. You can also unlock NFTs cars playing IOI games according to volume levels starting with 1000 IOI for Tier 1 up to 2 Million IOI for Tier  24. More details are below.

Yes, we are quite generous to those who are with us in the long term. Playing the Trade Race Manager will give you several benefits in the form of unlimited rewards.

Besides, we firmly believe the NFT token value appreciation will be massive. Soon we will announce a significant partnership with an NFT open market provider.  

We want to remind you that we launch with a car as NFTs, but soon there will be additions of the NFT team station and the NFT tracks with benefits mentioned in the last article.

We hope you enjoyed the recent updates. Stay tuned for the next listing plan article.


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